Nesha Ramful is a social scientist specializing in quantitative and qualitative studies in the fields of child well-being, poverty analysis and social protection. She has been working with the Social Policy Research Institute since July 2013, and graduated from the University of Mauritius with a distinction in MSc Social Protection Financing. Nesha also holds a Bachelors in Finance and Law with First Class Honors.

Nesha was a core member of the SPRI team that collaborated with UNICEF on MODA (Multiple Overlapping Deprivation Analysis) projects in Botswana, Zimbabwe and Democratic Republic of Congo. She has also assisted on a joint project of University of Mauritius and University of Botswana focused on the promotion of SME development.

With UNICEF WCARO she was part of the research team for the evaluation of the social and economic impact of the Ebola outbreak on children in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. Nesha was also highly involved in a World Bank project on poverty analysis for Guinea. As part of her research, she conducts large-scale quantitative analyses using large datasets, including household budget surveys, MICS and DHS data sets. Nesha also has experience in training local stakeholders and national statistical offices (in Lao PDR and Zimbabwe) in the application of the MODA methodology and using statistical software (stata).

Nesha has also taken up an ongoing lecturing position on Social Protection Administration and Policy Implementation as part of a master’s course at the University of Mauritius. She is multilingual with substantial work experience in English and French as well as advanced proficiency in Hindi.