Dr. Charlotte de Wouters is an expert in Public policy research and analysis and qualitative studies with a particular expertise in health (HIV/AIDS) and development cooperation (programming). She holds a PhD in Political Sciences (Université Libre de Bruxelles), and has more than 9 years working experience as NGO Coordinator, Researcher, and Consultant.

Interested in International Relations and Development Cooperation in particular, she volunteered in several development projects and worked as coordinator of a Belgian NGO active in Walungu, DRC.

She has worked 7 years on the subject of HIV/AIDS especially in African countries. She recently co-wrote a publication on the lessons learned on the HIV epidemics to be applied in the case of the Ebola crisis. She is an experienced qualitative researcher who has undertaken fieldwork in many African countries.

Through her academic background voluntary work (involvement in several development projects) and past professional experiences, she built a fundamental knowledge base on HIV/AIDS international public policy, civil society capacity building, non-stake and civil society related issues (among other relations with states, donors, international organizations, etc.).

More recently, as support agent in DG DEVCO (EC), she gained knowledge in the management of DEVCO Information Systems as well as legal, financial and accountancy procedures.