Associated Expert

Arthur van de Meerendonk has a strong academic background in economics with a focus on public finance, macroeconomics, public administration (public governance) and social protection and health financing. Furthermore, he has more than 18 years of international work experience with UNICEF (Eastern Caribbean, Jordan), ILO (Geneva HQ and in the field), and an extensive professional track record in the Dutch civil service.

In working as an economist in the civil service in the Netherlands, notably with the Ministries of Health and Welfare (this includes Children), and Social Affairs and Employment, he has been in the forefront of Health Insurance reform in the 1990s, pioneered health services expenditure projections, managed several benchmark studies on the Dutch Welfare State in an international comparative perspective, participated in Ministerial task forces preparing milestone reforms of the Dutch Social Insurance Organization/Social Assistance Acts, and coordinated the process towards outsourcing of social services to private agencies in the Netherlands.

Since 2001, Arthur is a well-regarded Lecturer at the Graduate School of Governance/United Nations University in Maastricht, lecturing Social Protection Financing and (occasionally) Public Finance. Each year he has received among the highest scores in student evaluations for his lecturing.

Arthur has worked as an economist/public finance specialist for the International Labor Office in their Geneva Head Quarters and in many field assignments in sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and South and South-East Asia. Issues related to social budgeting, rationalizing social services expenditure, fiscal space for a Social Protection Floor – those are key in this technical work. For UNICEF, Arthur has been the lead-consultant in a series of projects entitled: Budget Analysis and Fiscal Space for Investment in Children, in Saint Lucia, Montserrat and Virgin Islands (UK).

From experience, Arthur has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of institutional mandates, policies and guidelines pertaining to public finance for children in the developing and developed world context.  In addition, he has practical experience in sectoral analysis, working with data and indicators, interfacing across sectors, knowledge management and strengthening national systems for children, women and marginalized groups. Arthur is capable to handle multiple tasks participating in and/or leading multicultural teams in complex environments. His supervisors, commissioners and colleagues have always appreciated him for his excellent communication skills and expertise to build networks inside and outside the organization. He is a strategic thinker, often explores innovative paths, is extremely result-driven, works with prudence, can balance competing priorities, and delivers against pressing deadlines.