In recent years, the regional UNICEF office in West and Central Africa has provided technical support in organizing social protection training sessions in different countries in the region, with the participation of government officials, non-governmental organizations, United Nations agencies and even UNICEF staff. Over the past 5 years, almost all countries in the region have been able to organize national or even decentralized training sessions, with the direct or indirect support of the Regional Office.

SPRI Global is supporting UNICEF WCARO in developing training materials and delivering training sessions to build the capacity of national actors to actively participate in the design of social protection policy and the shaping of national social safety net programs implemented by their respective governments. Topics covered by the training materials include:

  • Social policies and interlinkages (Universal Health care, Cash Transfers, Cash Plus, etc.)
  • Coordination of social protection programs & information management and single registry
  • Social protection & child poverty measurement & Sustainable Development Goals
  • Social protection budgeting and financing
  • Shock-responsive social protection, coordination, link with humanitarian responses
  • Social protection in nutrition, education and health
  • Child-sensitive social protection
  • Assessment & costing of social protection

SPRI Global is also delivering both training materials and carrying out in-person intensive training, e-learning modules, and post-training monitoring.

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