Elaboration d’une vision intégrée de protection sociale au Maroc (Designing a social protection vision for Morocco)

SPRI was mandated by UNICEF Morocco to design a social protection vision for the country. The current Moroccan social protection system is fragmented as the different programs were introduced in an ad hoc way in response to specific and diverse problematics. Morocco, at its current state of development, needs a more efficient social protection system able to have a significant impact on its people lives. The consultancy produces three reports: a benchmarking report (L’évolution de la protection sociale au Maroc comparée à une sélection de pays en Afrique, en Asie et en Amérique latine); a mapping of the current social protection system (Mapping de la protection sociale au Maroc) and a vision for the social protection system in Morocco (Une vision intégrée de la protection sociale au Maroc). The team was composed of Chris de Neubourg, Aminata Bakouan Traoré, Ilze Plavgo and Virginie Reboul.

Final outputs: