Public Finance for Children initiatives seek to make children visible in national budgets, linking policy and planning to budget allocations and thus to long-term outcomes for children. SPRI Global’s Social Policy team is working closely with UNICEF, national governments and other children’s organizations to improve both social sector and sub-national budgets. Our activities include:

  • using the evidence generated by assessing the child outcomes in conjunction with the child-focused public budgeting and spending for complementing periodical SitAn’s (Situation Analysis of Children and Women) and for country programme development;
  • taking best practices from each analytical strand of PF4C and Multidimensional Deprivation and analyses for complementarity;
  • expanding commitment for equity framework with multi-dimensional child metrics and child focused spending;
  • enhancing public advocacy and communication around PF4C issues;
  • developing succinct PF4C briefs with info graphics that outline spending and allocation of social sectors, how they contribute meeting children’s outcomes and recommendations;
  • designing and delivering (facilitating) training/capacity development for UNICEF staff;
  • conducting evaluation of PF4C programmes and activities.

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