Multidimensional Child Poverty Analysis in Swaziland

With leadership from the Ministry of Economic Planning and Development, UNICEF has commissioned the Social Policy Research Institute to conduct a child poverty analysis among children in Swaziland. The aim of this project is to carry out a poverty, vulnerability and deprivation analysis of children in Swaziland by applying the Multiple Overlapping Deprivation Analysis (MODA) methodology.

Through capacity building the project is set to increase national knowledge on non-monetary child poverty while assisting the Government of Swaziland in defining the baseline for the child related SDG goals. Local stakeholders will receive technical training with the prospects of future MODA analyses in Swaziland, being able to follow up on the baseline SDG measurements. This project will assess children’s overlapping deprivation by using the Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS 5) of 2014. The team members of this project are: Prof. Chris de Neubourg, Dr. Victor Cebotari, Ms. Nesha Ramful, and Ms. Liên Boon.

Image credit: UNICEF Swaziland

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