In January of 2017, the SPRI/EPRI team started a multi-dimensional child poverty study among Libyan children. The Libya UNICEF office met with the SPRI/EPRI team in Tunis for the first mission, joined by members from the Libyan Ministry of Planning, the Bureau of Statistics and Census Libya and Libyan non-governmental organizations. The aim of the first mission was to introduce the MODA methodology to the Libyan participants and discuss an action plan to conduct the analysis. For the MODA study, data from the Libyan PAPFAM 2014 were used, including the household and reproductive health surveys. The MODA analysis included indicators in the nutrition/physical development, health, early childhood development, education, child protection, water, sanitation, housing and information dimensions. In the second mission, selected members from the Libyan Ministry of Planning and the Bureau of Statistics and Census Libya will be trained in the STATA analysis for MODA to ensure local ownership of the results and to support the process of replicating the analysis in the future. The second mission will also involve a discussion of preliminary results. This will be followed by a dissemination workshop of the final outcome of the MODA study.