Étude de la Pauvreté de l’Enfant en Guinée NMODA

SPRI members are currently engaged in a Child Poverty Study in Guinée using the MODA (Multiple
Overlapping Deprivation Analysis) approach. Our researchers are putting their quantitative analysis skills to use, working on raw and semi-raw MICS5 data, to inform the multidimensional deprivations faced by children in Guinée.

As part of this assignment, selected members of the Institut National de la Statistique and of the Laboratoire d’Analyses Socio-anthropologiques de Guinée will be trained to the conceptual approach
adopted for child poverty (including multidimensional poverty analysis) measurement and guided to apply
these concepts for the calculation of child poverty related statistics and their analysis for Guinée.
The results of this analysis will also allow the update of the country’s SitAn (Situation Analysis) previously
realised by SPRI members.

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