Wellbeing of Children in Kosovo. Poverty and Deprivation among Children using the Multiple Overlapping Deprivation Analysis (MODA)

The goal of this study is to examine the situation of children in Kosovo*: whether they are deprived in areas that impede their growth and what are those areas. This study consists of an in-depth examination of a wide range of dimensions related to deprivations children in Kosovo* face, utilizing the MODA. The analysis presents results not solely for Kosovar* children, but also looks in-depth at the deprivation of children belonging to the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities living in Kosovo*. The study also highlights main areas and challenges that need to be addressed to improve the wellbeing of children in Kosovo*.
The outputs of the study included a final report on the well-being of children using Multiple Overlapping Deprivations in Kosovo* for Kosovar children, and for Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian children in Kosovo*, as well as a chapter for the UNICEF Kosovo Situation Analysis based on the study’s main findings.
The final report has been published online by UNICEF and can be accessed here.
* All references to Kosovo are made in the context of UN Security Council Resolution 1244 (1999)