SPRI is supporting UNICEF Ghana and national research experts in conducting a monetary and multidimensional (MDCP) child poverty analysis, to enhance knowledge and understanding about child poverty in both monetary and other dimensions. The research exercise is also intended to inform an adequate and multi-sector policy response and subsequent budget allocations. The national capacity is also to be enhanced when it comes to the measurement of child poverty, in an effort to sustain and institutionalise child poverty measurement.

Through this exercise, the concept of multidimensional poverty, as well as the Multidimensional Child Poverty (MDCP) approach, is being introduced to Ghana for the first time, against the backdrop of UNICEF’s global and regional effort to promote child poverty as an SDG indicator (SDG1.2.2). This exercise aims to broaden the focus of poverty analyses in Ghana beyond the notion of monetary poverty and to enhance the understanding of how children are deprived of rights (i.e. health, education, water & sanitation, child protection) as well as how child poverty is different from household level poverty.
SPRI will support UNICEF in the following specific objectives of the study:

  • Facilitate and technically provide expertise through national workshops with a special focus on multi-dimensional poverty
  • Analyze the available data sets based on national consensus-based definitions of child poverty and finalize a report on child poverty in Ghana
  • Present findings and recommendations to improve public and policy debates on child poverty and inequality issues in Ghana

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