Reference study on ARCH’s performance indicators in Bénin/ Étude de Référence sur les Indicateurs de Performance de ARCH au Bénin

The SPRI team has recently initiated a Reference study on ARCH’s performance indicators, commissioned
by the BAI (Bureau d’Analyse et d’Investigation) of the Presidency of the Republic of Bénin and the UNICEF Country Office.

ARCH, standing for Programme d’Assurance pour le Renforcement du Capital Humain, consists of four interventions (health insurance, micro-credit, training and retirement insurance) to be delivered to
targeted sub-groups of the population over the next years.

As part of this assignment, SPRI is expected to pave way to future Monitoring and Evaluation exercises by
carrying out the necessary research to:

  • Derive a theory of change for each of the interventions and for the whole program
  • Create a list of performance/ result indicators to be followed at the distinct stages highlighted in the theories of change
  • Recommend the best ways to inform the indicators previously selected (advise on data collection)

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