The Social Policy Research Institute (SPRI) is conducting a comprehensive situation analysis (SitAn) on the wellbeing of children and women in Angola. The SitAn provides an update on the status of key indicators across different population groups, while examining relevant policy and legal frameworks, and assessing access and quality of existing programmes and services.

angola sitan (2)

This report has the objective to contribute to decision-making processes in and across sectors that play a role in the protection and realization of children’s rights. The project is carried out in collaboration with UNICEF Angola, the National Statistics Institute (Instituto Nacional de Estatística) (INE), the National Children’s Institute (Instituto Nacional da Criança) (INAC) and other governmental stakeholders.

Over the course of July, an in-depth desk review was done remotely based on various core documents; including the National Development Plan, budget briefs and IIMS report 2015-2016 (Inquérito de Indicadores Múltiplos e de Saúde). Furthermore, bilateral interviews were conducted with UNICEF section chiefs through Skype over the course of the first week of August. This contributed to the participative approach adopted by the study and provided the opportunity for the research team to gather deeper insights on the Angolan context, contextualize the results of the analysis and identify and prioritize causes of child poverty and vulnerability.

During the last week of August, a mission took place in Luanda in order to carry out interviews with INE, INAC, GEPES and other local organisations focused on children, adolescents and young people (Don Bosco, Obras Comunitarias para o desenvolvimento and Centro de apoio aos jovens). In addition, the mission was utilized to get feedback on the preliminary results and report. It is expected to deliver the final report on the 15th of September.

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