Today, as the world comes together to mark the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, we at SPRI Global take a moment to reflect upon the gravity of poverty as not merely a statistic, but a deeply human issue.

In our commitment to research and design policies for effective social protection, the heart of our work is fundamentally aligned with this year’s theme: Decent Work and Social Protection: Putting dignity in practice for all.

Despite the astonishing advancements in global economy and technology, it remains a profound paradox that millions continue to live in dire conditions of extreme poverty. Their daily realities don’t just stop at meager incomes. Many face prolonged hours of labor in hazardous and unregulated environments, only to still grapple with the incapacitating challenges of unsafe shelter, lack of nutritious sustenance, inadequate healthcare, and a host of other systemic deprivations.

Our mission at SPRI Global is deeply rooted in alleviating such hardships. We believe in supporting public institutions in their quest to provide comprehensive social protection. We also firmly believe that for any work to be deemed ‘decent’, it should not only be economically rewarding but also respect the inherent worth and humanity of every individual involved. Workers must be empowered, granted fair wages, and ensured safe working environments.

Universal social protection, as highlighted by this year’s theme, is not just a lofty ideal but a pressing necessity. It underscores the importance of guaranteeing income security for every citizen, especially focusing on society’s most vulnerable demographics. Decision-making processes at every level, from local governance to international policy formations, need to have human dignity as their foundational core.

The onus is on us – as researchers, policymakers, governments, businesses, and civil society members – to foster global partnerships that aim for equitable development. These alliances must ensure that the prosperity achieved does not come at the cost of leaving anyone behind, but instead, uplifts all, allowing them to live with dignity.

The reality is stark: Poverty is more than just an economic predicament; it’s a multifaceted phenomenon that prevents individuals from realizing their potential and living in dignity. Let’s be reminded that this isn’t just about statistics or policies; it’s about human lives, dreams, and the basic right to dignity.

We invite everyone to engage with us in our mission, harnessing the power of our collective expertise, backgrounds, and perspectives. Together, let’s work towards an inclusive social protection and economic policy that addresses the needs of all, ensuring no one is left behind.

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