Study Validation and Capacity Building

In the second week of September 2023, a research mission led by SPRI Global in support of UNICEF Cambodia and the Ministry of Planning of Cambodia (MoP) marked an important step in measuring and monitoring child poverty and vulnerability in Cambodia. The SPRI Global team carried out a one-week capacity-building workshop focused on training participants in child poverty analysis using both monetary and multidimensional methods. The participants represented organizations such as UNICEF, the Ministry of Planning, line ministries, and the National Institute of Statistics.

This mission followed a preparatory workshop held in December 2022, where participants from UNICEF, the Ministry of Planning, line ministries and development partners took part in a conceptual refresher training on child poverty in Cambodia, based on a previous study published in 2018.

During the workshop, participants were introduced to the theoretical framework of Multiple Overlapping Deprivation Analysis (MODA) and received training on using STATA. The training then moved on to practical aspects like data preparation, indicator creation, and database integration. The final phase covered the actual analysis of deprivation headcount rates across various indicators and dimensions and multiple deprivations, along with visualization and interpretation of the results. Participants were also encouraged to share their insights based on their newfound knowledge. Participants were also given the opportunity to present their understanding of different analysis results, based on their contextual knowledge and the competences acquired during the training.

A national study validation workshop led by the Ministry of Planning marked the conclusion of the workshop sessions, reaffirming Cambodia’s commitment to its youngest population.

Under the leadership of the Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC), the current term places a strong emphasis on strategic planning, particularly in relation to child well-being and development. Cambodia’s commitment to international frameworks like the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) goes beyond monetary poverty measures. Complementarily, it recognizes the importance of rights-based, multidimensional analyses that unpack children’s actual living conditions and access to essential services.

This research study builds on UNICEF’s 2018 study and provides an updated picture of child poverty and vulnerability in Cambodia, using both monetary and multidimensional approaches. It presents the evolution of child well-being indicators, supporting the Cambodia Ministry of Planning (MoP) in evidence-based policy development. The findings are broken down by age, geography, and socio-demographics, helping identify key areas that require attention to address child poverty and vulnerability. The study advocates for equitable access to services and benefits for all children and their families, taking into account their unique needs.

Throughout the week, all participants actively engaged in discussions and practical exercises. The SPRI Global research team is pleased to continue supporting UNICEF and the RGC in this important initiative. Together, they are working towards a brighter future for Cambodia’s children, characterized by improved well-being and equal access to opportunities.