SPRI Global recently conducted workshops in Child Sensitive Social Protection and Multidimensional Child Poverty in Samoa, Tonga, and Tuvalu, fostering meaningful discussions on child-centric policies.

Between June and July 2023, SPRI Global, in collaboration with the Ministry of Women, Community and Social Development of Samoa, the Governments of Fiji, Tuvalu, and Tonga, and UNICEF Pacific, concluded a successful workshop series on Child-Sensitive Social Protection and Multidimensional Child Poverty in the Pacific Islands.

Expertly facilitated by Chris De Neubourg and Julia Karpati, the workshops spotlighted the nuances of social protection policies and their impact on the youngest members of society. In interactive sessions, participants gauged their nation’s strides in social protection against established international practices, drawing a pathway tailored to their unique local contexts.

In Samoa, set against the backdrop of the Samoan government’s ongoing policy reviews, this workshop played a pivotal role. Samoa, which currently channels only 1.2% of its GDP into social protection, was an eager participant in discussions led by specialists from varied domains. Workshop participants included representatives from different ministries and NGO. Participants explored topics including the life-cycle approach in social protection and the intricacies of multidimensional child poverty in the Samoan context.

A standout moment was our collective effort in contextually defining child deprivation using UNICEF’s Multiple Overlapping Deprivation Analysis framework. The collaborative spirit, the pooling of knowledge from various sectors, and the drive to develop robust, child-centred policies made this endeavour a highlight.

This workshop was one in a series that took the SPRI team across the Pacific, with prior engagements in Cook Islands and Niue, and additional sessions in Tonga and Tuvalu. Each workshop was designed to provide participants with a clear understanding of multidimensional poverty, as well as social protection’s multifaceted impacts and the significant role it plays in a child’s holistic development.

The challenges posed by small island communities serve as vital learning moments, not just for participants, but also for our facilitators. These diverse experiences, in turn, enrich SPRI Global’s approach to child-sensitive social protection, especially in unique island settings.



Our continued support of governments and UNICEF offices in small-island developing contexts solidifies our commitment to championing child-focused initiatives in social protection system strengthening and poverty measurement and reduction. For more insights into our broader efforts, explore our extensive collaborations with UNICEF and national governments in Maldives, Tokelau, British Virgin Islands, and the Pacific islands.

At SPRI Global, our team is invigorated by the partnerships formed, the lessons learned, and the positive change we are collaboratively forging for the future of our children.