We are pleased to support and share the release of “Social Protection in East Asia and Pacific: From Evidence to Action for Children”. Published by UNICEF and edited by Andrea Rossi and Ruben Villanueva, the book documents the outcomes and impacts of the Social Protection Support Initiative at the UNICEF East Asia and Pacific Regional Office.

Andrea Rossi and Ruben Villanueva (Eds.)

The book comprises a selection of studies resulting from this initiative, drawing from the repository of available evidence concerning social protection in the East Asia and Pacific region, where traditionally, such evidence has been comparably lacking to regions such as Latin America or Africa. The studies are authored by international development practitioners, social protection specialists, UNICEF staff, researchers, and government officials across the region.

The book provides a comprehensive overview of social protection programs and responses across different countries in the region. The collection of studies is directed towards stakeholders interested in comprehending the impact of social protection policies on children’s lives and the crucial role of evidence in forming these policies.

Co-authored by SPRI Global Director, Chris de Neubourg, Chapter 10, titled “Social Protection Responses to COVID-19: Building a Better Future for Every Child in East Asia and Pacific”, provides a comprehensive overview of how countries in the region adapted or scaled up their social protection systems and programs in response to the socioeconomic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on a systematic review of social protection responses from January 2020 to August 2021, the chapter sheds light on the varied approaches adopted by different countries, influenced by factors such as social protection system maturity and capacity for closing prior coverage gaps. An assessment of these responses aimed to identify lessons, best practices, and opportunities for expanding investments in comprehensive, child-sensitive, and shock-responsive social protection in the region.

The chapter also features research contributions co-authored by SPRI Global researchers, Chris De Neubourg, Julia Karpati, Míriam Carrera, Erёblina Elezaj, and Sinta Satriana, which included two background papers, including the systematic review.

This collection of articles elucidates the intricate relationship between empirical research and policy development, highlighting the fundamental role of evidence in formulating social protection policies aimed at enhancing children’s well-being, especially in the context of shock and protracted crisis.

“Social Protection in East Asia and Pacific: From Evidence to Action for Children” is an essential resource for stakeholders invested in child welfare and social protection policies.

Access the full book now via UNICEF.