During the first week of December 2022, SPRI Global team members carried out the first consultative mission to measure and monitor children’s poverty and vulnerability in Cambodia based on the latest available Demographic and Health Survey Data.


This consultative process is part of a broader research assignment in support of UNICEF Cambodia and the Ministry of Planning of Cambodia (MoP), to monitor children’s vulnerability, and to build national capacity to carry out a monetary and multidimensional child poverty and vulnerability analysis. Workshop participants included representatives of UNICEF Cambodia, MoP, and line ministries.

SPRI Global team members Chris de Neubourg and Julia Karpati led a one-day consultative workshop. The workshop provided a conceptual refresher to the value, purpose and methods of measuring poverty, vulnerability, and inequality for children. Presenters further provided a refresher of the 2018-published child poverty in Cambodia study results and reviewed the methodological options for measuring child poverty and vulnerability in Cambodia in the context of data availability and suitability.

Together with the workshop participants, consultative discussions were held on the selection of dimensions, indicators, deprivation thresholds, and age groups for measuring child poverty and vulnerability in Cambodia which are more appropriate for the context of Cambodia.

SPRI Global is honored to be supporting UNICEF and MoP Cambodia on this important assignment to strengthen Cambodia’s commitments towards ending child poverty and vulnerability.