In the week of September 18-23, a research team from SPRI Global carried out a mission to the Maldives to meet local stakeholders as part of a training in data literacy for the Department of Justice of the Maldives, in support of the Prosecutor General’s Office and UNICEF Maldives.

The SPRI Global research team consisted of Prof. Dr. Chris de Neubourg and two researchers, namely Patrick Llewellin and Mariam Sène. The purpose of the mission was a consultative introduction to the objectives and stakeholders involved in the assignment, which focuses on training the Department of Justice staff in data literacy and basic statistics. The mission provided the SPRI Global research team with better insight into the needs of the justice sector staff in terms of data analysis, towards developing suitable training modules at a later stage of the assignment.

The research team met with the Prosecutor General of the Maldives and the National Bureau of Statistics to discuss the current status of the justice sector’s data collection and management practices, as well as the main objectives of the training. The main takeaways of these discussions revolved around improving the capacity for current data collection and analysis practices to support policymaking, and building the capacity of the Justice sector in data literacy is an important step towards improving evidence-based decision making by the Department of Justice.

Following the mission, the SPRI Global research team has carried out a survey among Justice Sector staff in order to design a tailored training module to be delivered in the Maldives in early 2023.