As governments around the world take urgent action to save lives and protect livelihoods from the COVID-19 pandemic, leveraging, adapting or introducing new social protection measures are central to country immediate and medium-term responses. With one in two people in the world not benefiting from any form of social protection, this is an unprecedented challenge.

E-coaching on Social Protection: Towards Responsive Systems

We are happy to support our friends at International Training Centre of the ILO in an e-learning program, drawing on the ILO’s knowledge and expertise and offering you the opportunity to further strengthen your competences on social protection in the context of the global emergency. Learn about best practices and get on the job technical support through e-coaching. As a result, you will be able to devise more responsive and sustainable social protection interventions to help your country weather the current health crisis and mitigate the longer-term social and economic impacts on the most vulnerable groups.

This program consists of a number of online modules as well as an e-coaching component for an estimated total of 60 learning hours over a period of 12 weeks.

The program is divided into four distinct phases:

• Phase 1 – Social Protection fundamentals in light of COVID-19 (2 weeks, 12 learning hours): Optional online selfpaced modules including interactive sessions and engaging video presentations on key social protection models, issues and challenges within the current context.

• Phase 2 – Best practices and lessons learned (2 weeks, 12 learning hours): This phase will consist of two interrelated
learning streams:
– Themed live webinars with highly qualified experts to present case studies, identify best practices and discuss
lessons learned in COVID-19 country responses;
– Peer-to-peer real time knowledge sharing and learning through individual and collaborative exercises, synchronous
interactive online sessions and technical forums to build communities of practice.

• Phase 3 – Contextual analysis and responses (2 weeks, 12 learning hours): You will be asked to complete a technical
note on the policy implications and responses to the current crisis in your own context. You will:
– Select a specific area of focus for the technical note
– Digitally collaborate with peers to inform your work
– Have your work peer assessed

• Phase 4 – On the job e-coaching (6 weeks, 24 learning hours): Participants who successfully complete Phase 3 of the
programme will be allocated an expert e-coach based on their area of focus. This will support you to learn on the job in order
to develop and implement effective and responsive social protection interventions. The e-coaching module will comprise:
– One-to-one coaching sessions
– Guided peer-to-peer coaching sessions.

Participants will also have the option of enrolling on a Virtual Reality (VR) version of the programme. Applied to Phases 3 and 4 of the course, VR state of the art technology will allow participants to be immersed in highly interactive and lifelike engaging e-coaching sessions.

Find the application form at and apply before 15 June 2020