Together with Mauritania’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and Development and in collaboration with UNICEF, we provided an advanced social protection training in Nouakchott, Mauritania, from February 3rd to 7th.

SPRI Global Director Dr. Chris De Neubourg with Social Protection Specialists Magdalena Isaurralde and Aminata Bakouan Traore

Seventy experts working in Mauritania’s social protection field participated in the training, hailing from sectoral departments concerned with social protection, national and international NGOs and technical and financial partners. A large delegation from Guidimakha, headed by the President of the Regional Council, attended the training, with a view to the future integration of the Wilaya into the SDG fund program.

SPRI Global Social Policy Experts Aminata Bakouan Traore, Anaïs Dangeot and Magdalena Isaurralde together with local UNICEF dignitaries, presenting a recent study report.

This course is part of a context of redefinition of and renewed focus for social protection as an instrument of public policy with high potential for galvanizing socio-economic changes. The course focused on deepening participants’ knowledge in the field of social protection, with special addition given to emerging and locally relevant questions and issues in Mauritania. This allowed participants to integrate state of the art research into their day to day work in the field, while also developing a better comprehension of future challenges.

SPRI Global Social Policy Expert Magdalena Isaurralde guiding a group of workshop participants.

An innovative, interactive and applied approach – centered around debates on Mauritania’s current situation and future outlook – was adopted so that participants appreciated nuances of complex concepts and were able to adopt the analytical tools that were presented during the training. Strong emphasis was placed on a balance of theoretical training, discussions and practical exercises to ensure participant comprehension of research and analysis approaches relevant to the Mauritanian context.

UNICEF dignitaries and domestic social policy experts attending the first workshop session

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Development and UNICEF dignitaries opening our collaborative, 5-day workshop in Nouakchott, Mauritania.