We are excited to announce our joining the Global Coalition to End Child Poverty, synergizing our efforts with other members to raise awareness about children living in poverty across the world and support global and national action to alleviate it. We work together with other members as part of the Coalition, as well as individually, to achieve a world where all children grow up free from poverty, deprivation and exclusion.

The Coalition supports the UN and aims to work with national, regional and global decision-makers, global campaigners, international organizations, civil society, and other institutions to end child poverty as part of the Sustainable Development Goals. Bringing together leading research and development organizations with a commitment to share knowledge, coordinate activities, and work to help mobilize action to end child poverty.

The Coalition’s vision is a world where all children grow up free from poverty, deprivation and exclusion. Our mission statement is to advocate to end child poverty as part of the new Sustainable Development Goals and support country implementation efforts to ensure no child is left behind.

• To highlight the importance of child poverty as part of poverty debates, and cultivate public support to end child poverty as part of the SDGs.
• To promote better data systems for monitoring child poverty in all its dimensions at the national, regional and global levels.
• To raise awareness and understanding about the impacts of poverty on children in richer and poorer countries, and the practical solutions to address it.
• To promote children’s voices and participation in key poverty debates and policies to address it.
• To promote action to end child poverty as part of the SDGs, including through effective programs and policies that address child poverty and deprivation among the poorest children.

The Global Coalition to End Child Poverty was initiated by a group of organizations with common interest and focus on child poverty. Together they oversee our work and activities to ensure we make progress against our mission. Our members meet annually, and have regular calls to coordinate our work.

The Global Coalition operates within a worldwide network structure without formal headquarter, secretariat and sponsorship. The Global Coalition is governed by a steering committee made up of the following international organisations: ATD Fourth World, BRAC, ChildFund Alliance, EuroChild, FXB Centre Harvard University, Institute of Development Studies, Overseas Development Institute, Partnership for Economic Policy, Save the Children, SOS Children’s Villages, The African Child Policy Forum, The UN Major Group on Children and Youth, UNICEF, World Vision International, Young Lives Oxford University.

If you are an individual or part of an organization working on child poverty, and would like to become a supporter, friend or member of the Global Coalition, you can fill out our contact form and we will contact you soon.