Looking at SDG4 ‘Quality Education’ through the eyes of a child: Thank you Nika for sharing your video and reminding us that education is a fundamental human right, and that achieving inclusive and quality education for all is indispensable for the achievement of sustainable development.

This is a message from Nika about her video:

I’m Nika Keovilay and I’m a thirteen year-old girl who is half Ukranian, half Lao. I live in Vientiane, Laos, which is a beautiful, small country with a unique culture and history. I am currently studying at a bilingual school and I’ll be attending Grade Seven this coming semester.

I created this video as I felt lucky to be able to attend a school and get a proper education. I wish for the same for all Lao children and for all the children in this world. I believe all children should learn new things, enjoy school and be able to have a chance to achieve their dreams. Children must be able to dream who they want to be and more improtantly, be able to accomplish it.

Thank you for watching