During missions in October and December, SPRI Global experts worked with specialists of the Angolan National Institute of Statistics (NIS) to estimate multidimensional Child Poverty in all its aspects using MODA (Multidimensional Overlapping Deprivation Analysis).

The first mission saw our team discuss the multidimensional poverty concepts and decide on the indicators and thresholds to be used in the child poverty analysis in Angola. During the second mission, SPRI Global gave hands-on instructions on estimating multidimensional child poverty to the NIS-experts of Luanda.

SPRI Global researchers guiding NIS experts on applying MODA

UNICEF, NIS and SPRI Global will continue their collaboration to publish reports on the deprivation of children in Angola in all its aspects. The research results should enable the government and the international community to get a better understanding of the characteristics of all aspect of child poverty in order to equip them better to fight child poverty and increase investment in children from early childhood to adolescence.

SPRI Global researcher Romina Safojan guiding NIS experts on applying MODA