After travelling a total of more than 20h, Liên Boon and I got to Conakry where we held hands-on training sessions for members of the Laboratoire d’Analyse Socio Anthropologique de Guinée (LASAG) of the public University of Sonfonia.

Our work built on the previous visits of our team members where the concepts forming the base of our analyses were laid. The activities were organised around equipping our trainees with the necessary skills for translating concepts into a full-fledged child multidimensional poverty analysis. Participants to the training were taught how to organise and analyse large databases using the Stata software and interpret the resulting analyses.


The participants to the sessions had extensive knowledge of the local context, through their regular field research, which led to a very rich collaboration. Overall, the trainees shined by their motivation and determination in learning and mastering the tools. We are both really looking forward to being back in Guinée to further consolidate national capacities.

The training sessions were held as part of supporting activities SPRI members are delivering to the national Unicef office for building national capacities in maintaining up-to-date programming and advocacy information. Using a child centred approach, the MODA method is being applied to Guinée’s MICS2016 nationally representative dataset as one of the inputs to the SitAn. For more information, consult our Projects description section or contact us directly.IMG-20171103-WA0000[1].jpg

About the Author Anaïs Dangeot

I am a Research fellow at the Social Policy Research Institute and have mostly been engaged in poverty measurement, monitoring and reduction research in the last years.

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