During the first week of October, 2017, SPRI Global experts conducted a technical training in Swaziland on multidimensional poverty with experts from the Central Statistical Office, UNICEF, Ministry of Economic Planning & Development, and other governmental stakeholders. The training was part of a long-term national capacity building in an effort to tackle non-monetary poverty in Swaziland in accordance to the Sustainable Development Goal 1.2.

SPRI Global researchers Nesha Ramful, Lien Boon and Victor Cebotari with UNICEF staff

Participants were introduced to the basics of the MODA (Multidimensional Overlapping Deprivation Analysis) methodology and learned how to carry out a multidimensional poverty study by using the statsitical software, STATA. Throughout the training, they created contextualized parameters of child deprivation, based on Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) 5 data, with the purpose of identifying the most vulnerable children in Swaziland. Additionally, participants studied the results and together we discussed the main conclusions of the conducted analysis.