As part of the inception of the Reference study on ARCH’s (Programme d’Assurance pour le Renforcement du Capital Humain) performance indicators, Chris de Neubourg and I were on mission in Bénin.

Our agenda led us to meeting key public and private sector actors when it comes to the current provision of services related to the programme’s foreseen four interventions, namely: health insurance, micro-credit, training and retirement insurance.

By the end of our intense days on the roads of Cotonou to Abomey, we got a strong sense of the current social protection environment, secured access to existing M&E reports and other relevant documentation, and finally presented our research methodology and project milestones to the project’s Comité de Pilotage.

The Reference study on ARCH’s performance indicators is a study commissioned by the BAI (Bureau d’Analyse et d’Investigation) of the Presidency of the Republic of Bénin and the UNICEF Country Office. For more details on the project, please consult our Projects directory or directly contact us.


About the Author Anaïs Dangeot

I am a Research fellow at the Social Policy Research Institute and have mostly been engaged in poverty measurement, monitoring and reduction research in the last years.

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