Methodologies are constantly being evolved and research innovations are becoming more and more accessible. Members of the SPRI Global team regularly return to universities to keep pace with and contribute to the field of current knowledge in multidimensional poverty research.

At the TIAS School for Business and Society of Tilburg University, SPRI Global staff members become even more proficient in their field by attending courses, seminars and workshops in advanced econometrics and research analytics. The classes are designed to be adaptable to individual research needs and are not only content rich and information dense, but progressive in nature. Each class thus builds on the knowledge and training from the previous classes.

SPRI Global research fellows at Tilburg University.

Currently, SPRI Global is also exploring opportunities to cooperate with leading schools and institutes in the field of Social Policy in the UK, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany to organize PhD-Master Classes in social policy and poverty research.