In affiliation with Maastricht University and Social Policy Research Institute, we are happy to announce the publication of a new open access article in the Child Development journal. Titled A Longitudinal Analysis of Well-Being of Ghanaian Children in Transnational Families, this article is co-authored by Victor Cebotari, Valentina Mazzucato and Ernest Appiah.

In 2013, 2014 and 2015, the authors collected longitudinal data among children whose parents were away due to migration in Kumasi and Sunyani, Ghana. Through empirical evidence, this study shows that over years, children of migrants build resilience to living separated from their parents and are doing well in health, school and psychological measures of well-being. Yet, there are some risk factors – the divorce of migrant parents, a change in caregiver, and the gender of the child – that may affect children more negatively.

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