The humanitarian situation of children and families in Libya remains precarious, with significant protection concerns and child rights violations continuously reported.  The 2011 Libyan revolution also had serious repercussions on the well-being of Libyan children. Many were injured or killed over the course of the uprising and others were victims of bombings by foreign powers.

SPRI Global team members with national UNICEF staff

In the week of May 9th, SPRI team members led by Dr. Chris de Neubourg conducted a capacity building workshop in Tunis together with partners from UNICEF to build the capacity of researchers and leading members of Libyan ministries and national office of statistics. The Libyan partners received conceptual and technical training on conducting a multidimensional poverty study using UNICEF’s Multiple Overlapping Deprivation Analysis (MODA) toolbox.

Measuring and Monitoring Child Poverty in Libya Presentation

The workshop also provided an opportunity for review and feedback on preliminary analysis results for the Libyan child poverty study, and on the analysis parameters and deprivation thresholds used. The child poverty study for children in Libya, led by the Ministry of Planning of Libya, will be the first of its kind and demonstrates the Libyan partners’ commitment to ensuring child well-being in the process of meeting its SDG targets by 2030.